A.M.Best, S&P and Fitch ratings analysts will speak at the risk-management conference

On 19-20 April, 2018, leading world risk management experts will address the Kazakhstan's audience at the annual XIV International Risk Management Conference held by Eurasia IC JSC in Almaty at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel.

This event will become one of the most significant ones for the players in financial, industrial, oil and other markets this year.

The risk management conference is an economic event where the current financial and economic issues and their solutions are discussed in an understandable and emotional manner. Among other things, it discusses the most significant events in the financial world, financial news and transactions, political and economic trends, changes in the consumer market, profitability and investments and accounts status. Moreover, the conference is devoted to the modernization of Kazakhstan's economy in all key sectors, its strategies, risks and problems and provides for crisis recovery measures.

Today there are about 100 different rating agencies in the world, which can be classified as international and national. The most well-known and affluent international rating agencies include Standard & Poor's, A.M. BEST, Fitch Ratings and Moody's, of which the first three have already confirmed their attendance of the conference. At The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, analysts from the top three rating agencies will inform of the news background in 2018 - they will talk about the specifics of the reform in the Kazakhstani rating industry, the prospects for its development in the current contest and will provide a detailed overview of the forecasts for the banking and insurance sectors.

"The experience of top international companies shows us that the stability of business development and improving management efficiency is impossible without active use of risk management as an integral part of the company's management system, regardless of its scale, unique nature of production and industries. It is impossible to take a leap in the development of the economy and in overcoming recession or stagnation without risks, without new ideas, without developing and testing new theories and models. The purpose of our platform is to help find answers to complex and at times very pressing questions. The key element of our conference is the opportunity to hold the maximum number of negotiations on a single, specially prepared platform", - said the Chairman of the Organizational Committee, Shakir Iminov.

The conference participants - politicians, economists, presidents and CEOs of banks, (re)insurance companies, stock exchanges, financial institutions, entrepreneurs, international experts and analysts in the field of economics and finance - will discuss innovations in risk management and financial technologies.

The event is only available for guests who have been registered and paid the fee. For all questions related to participation in the conference, please contact the Steering Committee at +7 (727) 258-43-36, ext. 3147, 3237, or e-mail: irmc@theeurasia.kz.

Please follow the links below to watch the short and full versions of videos from our Conference of previous year:

2017 - full video
2017 - short video

Organizational Committee
59, Zheltoksan Str., Almaty
050004, Republic of Kazakhstan
Tel.: +7 (727) 258 43 36,
Fax: +7 (727) 266 31 94

Аналитики A.M.Best, S&P и Fitch Ratings выступят на конференции по риск-менеджменту

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