AZERBAIJAN: ASA announced the rating list of insurers for November

The Azeri Association of Insurers of (ASA) announced the results of the rating action considering insurance companies' level of service and customer attitude for November, according to the ASA official statement.

173 positive and negative comments on insurance companies, submitted by citizens via the official website and their investigation resulted in the new November rankings.

The first and last places of the table repeat the results of the month before that. Thus, the insurer with the most satisfied customers is A-Qroup Sıgorta. It ranked first with 26 points and Standard Insurance ranked the last with 9 negative points. The second place was given to Ateshgah Sigorta. Qala Həyat Sıgorta, Pasa Sıgorta and Xalq Sıgorta ranked 3rd, 4th and 5th respectively.

The companies that scored no positive points - Amrah Sıgorta, Qala Sıgorta, Naxcıvan Sıgorta, Atəsgah Həyat Sıgorta, Pasa Həyat Sıgorta, Bakı Sıgorta, AzRe Təkrarsıgorta, Azərbaycan Sənaye Sıgorta, Rəvan Sıgorta, Ipək Yolu Sıgorta, Axa Mbask Sıgorta -, took places from 6 to 16.

Companies holding positions from 17 to 22 have negative ratings. They include: AzərSıgorta- 2 points, Meqa Sigorta - 2 points, AzSigorta - 3 points, Gunay Sigorta - 4 points, AtaSıgorta - 6 points and Standard Insurance - 9 points.

It should be noticed that ASA is announcing the rating based on the level of service and customer satisfaction of insurance companies for the second consecutive month, thus involving customers to become more active for improving the customer service and evaluation.  

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