AZERBAIJAN population's cash income per capita grew by 10.8% yoy

In January 2016 the average monthly cash income per capita of Azerbaijan's population made up 88% of average income for 2015 (AZN 365).

The State Statistics Committee (SSC) reports that for January 2016 nominal income per capita totaled AZN 321.2 that exceeded the January 2015 index by 10.8%.

January's real income per capita (disposable income) reached AZN 290 with rise of 11.9% year-on-year.

At that, in January 2016 nominal income of the Azerbaijani population reached AZN 3.08 bn that is by 12.1% more against January 2015.

Population's real cash income totaled AZN 2.78 bn (+13.3%). Read the full story
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