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- Southwestern Asia.
- Neighbours: Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iran.

- highland continental, hot summers, cold winters.

Natural hazards:
- occasionally severe earthquakes; - droughts.

Macro indicators
* 2018 estimates
Pop. density*:100.5people/km2
GDP*:11.0EUR billion

Currency: Dram

Code: AMD
Since: 1993

Insurance market portfolio
* 2018 estimates
Overall Property*:9%
Overall Motor*:54%




Armenia 1Q2020 Market Portfolio

Armenia 1Q2020 Insurance Companies Rankings

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Latest news

ARMENIA: the share of e-MTPL more than tripled y-o-y

The share of electronic MTPL policies in total number of MTPL insurance contracts in Armenia, as of June 2020, increased to 13% from 4% a year ago, the latest data from the Bureau of Motor Insurers of Armenia shows, ArmInfo reports.

ARMENIA: January-February MTPL policies number increased almost 6% y-o-y

During January-February 2020, the number of e-MTPL policies in Armenia amounted to 16,448 units, while the share of electronic policies in total number of MTPL agreements reached 11% (vs. 3% a year ago), ArmInfo reports, based on the Armenian Bureau of motor insurers data.

ARMENIA: INGO Armenia switched to remote service

In view of the current situation related of coronavirus, INGO Armenia switched to the emergency mode of remote services, taking into account the decision of authorities to declare state of emergency and social responsibility to its clients, ArmInfo reported with reference to the insurer's press service.

ARMENIA: 5 of 6 active insurers in 2019 increased their profit

According to the data of the Financial Rating of Armenian insurance companies, prepared by ArmInfo, total net profit of local insurers in 2019 increased 7.3 times (vs. a decline by 67.6% in 2018), and reached AMD 1.4 billion (USD 3 million).

ARMENIA: agroinsurance mechanism to be launched soon

As Armenian Prime minister Nikol PASHINYAN announced, agricultural insurance is about to start in the country, and its mechanism will be operated in a test mode at the first stage to determine all possible weak points, ArmInfo reports.

STATISTICS: ARMENIA, 1Q2019: market growth slowed down by 30%

Total GWP of Armenian insurers in the 1st quarter amounted to AMD 16.5 billion (EUR 30.28 million), 17.4% more y-o-y in local currency (vs 47.6% a year ago according to the insurer's portfolio data), market results from ArmInfo show.

ARMENIA: average MTPL loss ratio increased to 64.5%

For the first three months of this year, the average MTPL loss ratio increased from 62.9% to 64.5% (without deduction of reserves) and from 71.1% to 73.7% (with deduction of reserves), according to the Bureau of Motor Insurers.

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