CZECH REPUBLIC: Award for CESKA Pojistovna - first place in the category of the "Clients friendliest non-life insurance company''

26 September 2013 —
CESKA Pojistovna succeeded in the Best insurance company competition organized by Czech economic daily Hospodarske noviny in 2013 and became the "Clients friendliest non-life insurance company" for this year. It has been the fifth year of this competition already.  The awards come to insurance companies that can offer the best products and services for their clients, have good and proper communication with them, have good economic results while are accessible to their clients too.

Besides this title CESKA Pojistovna won also the second place in the category of the "Best non-life insurance company" for this year. Non-life insurance issue is the area where CESKA Pojistovna is engaged very intensively. We introduced numbers of product innovations recently, such as third-party insurance called "Premium" that covers also the risk of car theft. "The 1st Third-party insurance without liability" included in the Premium package, was extended of more benefits and represents the widest range of third-party liability services available on the market.

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