CZECH REPUBLIC: The half of all stolen cars is older than six years

26 March 2013 —
Clients of GENERALI CZ reported 258 thefts of their cars in amount of CZK 39 million in 2012. The average loss which is around CZK 150 thousand indicates that burglars are not interested only in new, luxurious cars.

The half of all stolen cars is older than 6 years. In a view of a car brand, the dominant - almost 50% - are Skoda cars. In terms of number of thefts the worst regions are northern Bohemia and Prague and on the other hand the most calm is the situation in Highlands. In a sad case of a theft Casco insurance may help financially very well. Clients of Generali may take out it in "Retro" variant which is adapted for cars older than 6 years.

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