Depending on Brexit conditions, EU motorist traveling to the UK may have to buy an extra Green Card policy

The still unclear issue of the Brexit conditions is raising questions not only about the way re/insurers will operate, but also for drivers who will continue travelling between the UK and the EU, as for sure there will be an impact on the way MTPL policies work.

In a statement for LETA, Janis ABASINS, chairman of the Motor Insurers' Bureau of Latvia (LTAB) said: "Since there is still no clarity, we recommend that every motorist who plans to enter the UK after March 29 follow information on the coming changes and prepare for them in due time," the LTAB chairman said.

In fact, whatever the Brexit conditions would be, the UK's membership in the Green Card system is out of question. Yet, after 29 March - the date of the UK's exit from the EU -, standard MTPL insurance policies, which are valid in all countries of the European Economic Area (EEA), might lose validity in the UK. Thus, drivers will have to buy the Green Card policy from insurance companies in their own country or on entering the UK. In case controls are introduced on the EU-UK border, it is also likely that insurance checks on the border will be carried out as well, ABASINS said.

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