Question marks...

How to make a choice between two wrongs? This was the main question mark that hovered over the debates at EIOPA Conference in Frankfurt. The two wrongs in question refer to the repeatedly postponed application of new prudential regulations under the Solvency II Directive.

Sandy's Aftermath

Austerity measures bringing on customer's lowering purchasing power and saving appetence, an ongoing Euro crisis, poor investment results, low interest rates, a changing legal environment ... anybody would say that there was enough pressure on the re/insurance industry for a life time. And anyway ... what could happen worse? Well... it happened: Sandy.

In search for the right answer

The 2012 edition of the Baden Baden Meeting ends today.
Once again top professionals of the insurance and reinsurance markets worldwide reunited in the German luxurious resort of Baden Baden. Trends, estimations, analysis, opinions ... a strong wave of information was released during the week, of which XPRIMM Publications captured for you the most relevant pieces. As for a possible conclusion, please read the present newsletter.

10 days to the Eastern snapshot!

Just 10 days to go until the official release of the 7th edition of the XPRIMM Insurance Report - CEE, RUSSIA & CIS, SEE!

The Autumn Grand Tour

It started a few weeks ago, in Monte Carlo...
We are not speaking about the famous Formula 1 racing Grand Prix of Monaco, but about the annual grand autumn tour of major insurance events. Yet, this is not a coincidental association. Both the Grand Prix and the major professional events we are talking about are reuniting the top representatives of their specific trade. As for the differences ... let's just say that there are only winners in the professional meeting we are proposing you.

Au revoir, Monte Carlo! Next stop, Baden Baden!

The 2012 edition of the Rendez-vous de Septembre, in Monte Carlo, is ending today.
Joining, as every year, the experts attending the traditional meeting in Monte Carlo, the XPRIMM team kept you to date with the most important opinions and facts, as they were revealed during the professional meetings. And somewhat not surprisingly, this year's meeting ended with mixed impressions.

At first sight

Shrinking business, improved (or, at least steady) profitability ... seems to be, at first sight, the statement which summarizes the trends registered in the first half of 2012 on the Central and South-Eastern European markets. Or, slightly changing the angle, while most of the markets across the region are doing rather bad in terms of volume, their main players show good results, at least in terms of profitability.

A busy fall

The holidays season is almost over. After visiting amazing places or just lying on the sunny beaches for some days, it is the right time to see what the fall is bringing on the business ground. For insurers and reinsurers, this autumn has a generous offering. Lots of professional events to visit, much information to get, many professional peers to get acquainted with.

Summer time

It is the right time for a well deserved vacation. So, the editorial staff of XPRIMM News is wishing you a pleasant summer time and invites you to meet us again on August 9th. Till than, take care to the sun burns and to the travel insurance coverage!

The summer starts in Caucasus

Less than two week until the AIIF 2012 start! So, before thinking to the well deserved summer holiday, don't miss the two full business days proposed by the AIIF organizers, which may open for you a promising new growth territory.