Happy New Year!

We have finally arrived at the end of a troubling year. XPRIMM News has also arrived at its last issue for 2011.

Looking for a new horizon?

During the last weeks, almost all major re/insurance groups published their 3Q results. Of course, we are mostly interested in how the CEE and CIS countries have contributed to these results, considering names as ALLIANZ, GENERALI, ING, KBC, PZU, VIG, UNIQA are usually placed in top positions of the regional charts.

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Information is the most powerful tool ... if relevant, consistent and ... right on time.
Keeping this in mind, we thought that two weeks can sometimes be a too long time for you to get in touch with the novelties of the most dynamic markets in the CEE and CIS countries. Also, a by-annual pace for updating market statistics might be too slow when it comes about the emerging markets.

Baden-Baden, a checkpoint on the "silk route"

A few days ago we've met for the third time our readers in Baden-Baden, on the occasion of the third edition of Baden-Baden XPRIMM Reception. Over 250 professionals from the re/insurance companies all over the world took advantage, on October 23rd, of the opportunity to be the first readers of the autumn edition of XPRIMM INSURANCE REPORT, the publication which brings together the insurance statistics of the CEE and CIS regions for 1H 2011.

XPRIMM Insurance Report: Two years of information with and about 30 insurance markets

October 2011 marks the launch of XPRIMM INSURANCE REPORT 1H 2011, the most comprehensive analysis report of 30 insurance markets in Central and Eastern Europe and CIS, respectively. From edition to edition, XPRIMM INSURANCE REPORT went through changes and additions that increased the accuracy and precision of provided information.

Well deserved thanks

Lots of changes have emerged in the CEE and CIS countries during the recent crisis years, but whatever and however deep they were, as far as the insurance business is concerned at least one thing didn't change: the growth potential lies still here, in the young markets of the Central and Eastern Europe and former soviet countries.

Check your agenda!

Less than 1 month to the forthcoming issue of the XPRIMM Insurance Report official release!
Those of you attending the 2011 Baden-Baden Meeting will have the chance to be the first getting in contact with CEE and CIS insurance markets results for the first half of 2011. To capitalize on this opportunity, you just need to answer the invitation to attend the reception organized by the Media XPRIMM and its partners on October 23rd, at Kurhaus Casino, Runder Saal, in Baden-Baden.

Reinsurers trust the CEE markets

It is September and, again, the Monte Carlo's Rendez-Vous time. Reinsurers and direct insurers from the entire world are debating this week the global reinsurance market's trends and also assessing the perspectives of the forthcoming renewal season. Is there enough capacity? Is the market hardening? What about the volatile environment? Should we pay more attention to the nuclear risks? Tens of questions out after the right answers ...

The end of the motor insurance reign?

The first CEE insurance market data for 1H2011 are already available. As expected, they show in most cases an upward trend, shaken up by the economic recovery in the region. Also, as expected, life insurance continued to gain momentum, especially for the unit-linked lines. Somewhat predictable, but still less common in CEE markets, the growth stimulus part on non-life segment seems to be played no longer by the motor lines. At least, not in the determining way that it was not very long ago.

Give profitability a push

Central and Eastern Europe remains, in spite of the financial crisis' effects and the weak purchasing power of its citizens, a source of growth for the major European insurance groups operating in the area. Still, the "growth at any cost" era seems to be off the map and replaced by the "give profitability a push" age. As the recently published half year reports show, ALLIANZ, AEGON, GROUPAMA, GENERALI and VIG have seen mixed results across the region in underwriting, but are almost without distinction reporting a increasing contribution of the CEE subsidiaries to the overall groups' financial results.