Free Webinar: UBER, Zurich, Direct Line Group on transforming innovative insurance product ideas into reality

The innovation race is on in insurance, to deliver relevant product and services for the modern customer. Join UBER, Zurich, Direct Line Group in an investigation on what products must look like, and in a practical sense, how insurers are going out to achieve this.

The webinar, organized by Insurance Nexus and supported by XPRIMM Publications as Media Partner, will give attendants real, actionable advice on where their product development should be heading. Speakers include:
  • Samantha CHOW, Senior Analyst, Aite Group
  • Elena RASA, Chief Underwriting Officer, Zurich
  • Clare CRACKNELL, Digital Product, Direct Line Group
  • Viktorija KAMINSKI, Senior Risk Manager, Europe, UBER
Join the free webinar: Transforming Innovative Insurance Product Ideas into Reality, 7th December 2018 - 4PM GMT!

The webinar will impact the way companies plan for next year's product delivery campaign. Participants will:
  • Hear what leading insurers are working on right now, from innovation to delivery
  • Discover the key challenges of taking a product development project to full maturity and apply these learnings to their organisation
  • Find out what's coming next- where are the market opportunities? The exciting customer segments? And how can one place one's company at the forefront of delivering exactly what the customers are looking for?
Register for the webinar! The participants who register at the event, but are unable to join the live webinar will receive the recordings from Insurance Nexus.

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