GREECE: CEO of Calamos Investments said that acquiring Ethniki Insurance "made business sense, but also I was proud to try to help the country in some way"

John Koudounis, CEO of Calamos Investments and the mastermind behind the acquisition of Greece's biggest insurance company by the EXIN Fund, says that Greece makes investment sense because it's economy is slowly turning around.

In an exclusive interview with Greek Reporter, Koudounis said that acquiring Ethniki Insurance last June "made business sense, but also I was proud to try to help the country in some way".

"I think that if some other people have bought it it would not have turned out so well for Greece", he stressed.

Koudounis said that EXIN Capital Partners, a fund consisting by John Calamos, John Koudounis, Matthew Fairfield and Pavlos Kanellopoulos, is interested in investing in Greece because after years of austerity and economic depression we "will start to see a little bit of progress and the economy turning around". Read the full story

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