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- Southwestern Asia, bordering the Black Sea, with a sliver of land north of the Caucasus extending into Europe.
- Neighbours: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkey, Russia.

- warm and pleasant;
- Mediterranean-like on Black Sea coast.

Natural hazards:
- earthquakes.

Macro indicators
* 2018 estimates
Pop. density*:53.2people/km2
GDP*:13.5EUR billion

Currency: Lari
Code: GEL
Since: 1995

Insurance market portfolio
* 2018 estimates
Overall Property*:16%
Overall Motor*:24%




Georgia 1Q2020 Insurance Companies Rankings

Georgia 1Q2020 Market Portofolio

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Latest news

2016 expected to be a challenging year for the Georgian market

"2016 will be an extremely challenging year for the Georgian insurance market," Vakhtang DEKANOSIDZE, General Director of IRAO (Vienna Insurance Group), recently stated for the Georgian journel The FINANCIAL. However, despite the challenging environment, the VIG subsidiary plans to maintain its high growth pace also in this year, he added.

GEORGIA: Strong devalution of GEL pushed up the insurance prices by over 30%

The local currency's devaluation let to an over 30% hike in the insurance prices, with health insurance appearing to be the most affected, reports the Georgian newspaper "The Financial". Insurers consider implementing compulsory insurance as required for the further development of the sector.

STATISTICS: GEORGIA, 1H2015: The higher level of losses may be the most important trend of the current year

In the first half of 2015, GWP by the Georgian insurers amounted to EUR 83.11 million, up 20.2% y-o-y (GEL 207.72 million). Analyzing the official results one may conclude that the insurance industry has recovered after a sharp y-o-y decline in 2014 when the market decreased by 32.3%. The main reason for the 2014 decline was the complete removal of the insurers from all government's projects, such as the universal healthcare program.

STATISTICS: GEORGIA, 1Q2015: 31% increase in GWP and a new market leader

In January-March 2015, the Georgian insurance market increased by 31% y-o-y in local currency to GEL 115.92 million (EUR 48 million), according to the data published by the Insurance Supervisory Office - ISO. The positive trend recorded by the local insurance industry was driven by the increasing of GWP reported in almost all business lines.

STATISTICS: GEORGIA, FY 2014: Excluded from the state health insurance program, insurers have improved profitability

Georgian insurers were confronted with a challenging year in 2014, mainly because of the health insurance program cessation. "The state health insurance program - initiated by the Government of Georgia in 2007 in order to provide medical insurance to vulnerable groups of Georgian population via private insurance companies -, represented app. 45% the total 2013 GWP. In 2014 the program was canceled. As a result, despite the robust growth in corporate sector, the insurance market shrank by 30%," Vakhtang DEKANOSIDZE, CEO IRAO told XPRIMM.

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