Greece: the devastating fires in Attica will cost insurers over EUR 33.7 million

23 August 2018 — Daniela GHETU
Greek insurers will pay over EUR 33.7 million in compensation for the devastating fires that hit Attica on 23 July 2018, according to the first estimate of the Hellenic Insurance Companies Association (EAEE).

In particular, according to the data gathered by EAEE to date by its member companies, property insurance (housing and business premises) are estimated at EUR 32.4 million. Up to this moment 785 claims were reported in both residential and business premises, with an average cost of claim of approximately EUR 41,300. In addition, 212 claim files were opened for damaged cars, with a total cost estimated to EUR 1.3 million and an average loss of approximately EUR 6.300. To support their customers, insurers have already paid claims or at least made first payments in advance.

The death toll from the deadly blaze that ravaged the coastal town of Mati in east Attica rose to 85 several days after the event. The Infrastructure Ministry announced that 1,218 buildings out of the 2,489 assessed by its engineers after the fire were deemed uninhabitable, while some 200 houses were completely destroyed.

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