Half of Austria has no insurance coverage for accidental injuries representing 75% of all cases

Every day in Austria more than 2,100 people are injured severely enough to need hospital treatment. Yet only one in two Austrians has a personal accident policy, although such coverage is one of the most basic insurance covers that nobody should forego, cautions UNIQA Austria.

The company, which is the market leader in individual and family accident insurance with around 27% market share, has recently launched an attractive special offer, aiming to encourage Austrians to get insured.

In a press release dedicated to the issue, UNIQA Austria stresses that while everyone in Austria has basic state insurance: primary care, treatment, rehabilitation after a work accident, and compensation in case of an occupational disability; state coverage is often not enough, especially if the accident happens at a young age and little actuarial value is covered by an employer's insurance. In 70% of all cases, occupational disability is not covered at all, because protection against accidents that occur outside the workplace are only provided by personal accident insurance.

According to statistics published by the Kuratorium fur Verkehrssicherheit, over the course of a year, more than 780,000 people injure themselves accidentally and 26,220 of those cases are severe. Household, recreational, and sport accidents are the most common causes of injury, followed by traffic collisions. Thus, three quarters of all accidents are not covered by statutory accident insurance. Personal accidents represent the largest proportion of all injuries (39% with 303,900 injured), while 36% of injuries (285,900) occur in recreational sports. Only one quarter of all accidents (194,500) occur in traffic.

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