Central Europe, northwest of Romania

temperate; cold, cloudy, humid winters; warm summers

Natural hazards:

Currency: Forint (HUF)

1 EUR = 311.02 Forints - HUF (December 31st, 2016)
1 EUR = 313.12 Forints - HUF (December 31st, 2015)
1 EUR = 314.89 Forints - HUF (December 31st, 2014)
1 EUR = 296.91 Forints - HUF (December 31st, 2013)
1 EUR = 291.29 Forints - HUF (December 31st, 2012)
1 EUR = 311.13 Forints - HUF (December 31st, 2011)
1 EUR = 278.75 Forints - HUF (December 31st, 2010)


Starting October 1, 2013, the National Bank of Hungary took over all activities of financial market regulator PSzAF

Association of Hungarian Insurance Companies (MABISZ)
National Bank of Hungary
Hungarian Financial Supervision Authority (PSZAF)

Insurance statistics

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Hungary FY2017 Insurance Companies Rankings M A B I S Z

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HUNGARY: ING separates banking, insurance businesses

Netherlands-based ING has decided to separate its global banking and insurance businesses as of April 1, Cornelia Coman, the head of ING's Hungarian unit, said at a press conference today. The insurance business is expected to operate under the NN brand after that time, she added.

HUNGARY: MNB sells stakes in MKB insurance units for EUR 1 mln

The National Bank of Hungary (MNB) has sold stakes in the insurance units of MKB Bank to their majority owner Versicherungskammer Bayern for EUR 1 mln, MKB Bank said today. The MNB sold 36.5% stakes in MKB's general insurance and life insurance units, leaving the bank with a 1% stake in both.

HUNGARY: Insurance law passed by Parliament

Parliament approved a new law on insurers that draws on post-crisis market and regulatory experience and transposes European Union directives into national rules, MTI reported today. The law gives clients cancellation rights for 30 days from the signing of life insurance policies longer than six months.

Lower risk for HUNGARIAN insurers (Study)

In a quantitative impact study on conforming to the Solvency II Directive, the National Bank of Hungary (MNB) found among Hungarian insurers a "significantly lower degree of risk compared to pan-European exposure, both for the market as a whole and for individual insurers", the central bank reported yesterday, adding that "Hungarian insurers should have little trouble conforming to a European Union directive harmonizing regulation in the sector".

HUNGARY: CIG Pannonia has deposits in Szechenyi Bank

The general insurance unit of CIG Pannonia Life Insurance has approximately HUF 170 mln in deposits at the troubled Szechenyi Commercial Bank, whose operating license was withdrawn by Hungary's central bank, the insurance company announced late yesterday. The deposits at the bank are expected not to affect the adequacy of the unit's warranty capital, and Hungary's National Deposit Insurance Fund is paying compensation to depositors up to HUF 30 mln, CIG Pannonia added.

VIENNA Life offers free insurance in HUNGARY

Insurance company Vienna Life Biztosito, the former AXA, is entering Hungary in its new form with an opening campaign offering free health insurance policies for those who register at the company's website.

STATISTICS: HUNGARY 1H2014: Increased car sales pushed up the motor insurance segment

Hungarian insurers recorded a slight increase, of 1.5%, in premium production in the first half of 2014, to HUF 435 billion. However, converted in European currency the result looks less encouraging, as the total GWP figure for 1H2014 was of EUR 1.4 billion, by 3.37% below the 1H2013 level. Once again the 5% depreciation of the local currency put an additional pressure on the foreign insurers operating on the Hungarian market.

HUNGARIAN CIG Pannonia enters Italian market

CIG Pannonia Life Insurance's general-insurance unit, CIG Pannonia First Hungarian General Insurance, has started to offer special surety-type insurance for carriers in the form of cross-border service to Italy, CIG Pannonia Life Insurance announced on Thursday.

HUNGARY: Number of home insurance contracts fall

Despite the increasing risk of storm damage, the number of home insurance contracts fell below 3 million. Since 2010 the number of policies signed in Hungary has dropped by 93,000, Hungarian daily Magyar Nemzet reported today, citing figures from the Hungarian Insurers Association (Mabisz).