VIDEO: Elisabeth STADLER, VIG: The insurance development will go up significantly in the next years, in the CEE countries

At nearly 30 years since the entrance on the East European market, VIG - VIENNA Insurance Group has a clear image on the development rhythm in the CEE countries compared cu the Western European ones, especially when it comes to the way insurance is perceived. Thus, one of the main factors influencing the perception on insurance is the education level.

VIG - Long term engagement for Romania

VIG - Vienna Insurance Group aims for a sustained growth of premiums up to a volume of over EUR 10 billion, by 2020. At the same time, the profit before tax is expected to exceed EUR 500 million. To this end, was launched, in 2017, the "2020 Agenda", in order to optimize VIG's business model and, at the same time, to capitalize on new business opportunities.

STATISTICS: SERBIA, FY2017: positive trend in business; changes in preparation of the regulatory side

Serbian insurance market ended 2017 with FWP worth EUR 785.8 million, 8.8% up y-o-y, a result supported in part also by the Serbian Dinar appreciation against the European currency. In local currency, the GWP growth was of only 4.4%. Most of the market growth came from the non-life insurance side, which saw a 11% increase in premiums, thus raising its weight in the market portfolio by about 1.5 percentage points.