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VIDEO: European policymakers must act to ensure insurers can fully contribute towards a sustainable Europe

Insurers can contribute towards a more sustainable Europe in multiple ways: through stewardship, investment and divestment strategies, and co-investment with governments in key green infrastructure programs, Insurance Europe's president, Andreas BRANDSTETTER, CEO and chairman of UNIQA Insurance Group, explained, speaking at the 11th International Insurance Conference taking place on 23 May in Bucharest.

Klaus IOHANNIS, President of Romania, at #InsConf19: The future of insurance consists of finding the right balance between immediate needs and a long-term oriented approach

"A fair and constructive debate on the future of the insurance industry is more than welcome now, in the context of the new challenges and opportunities that are arising". This is the official message sent by the President of Romania, Klaus IOHANNIS, with the occasion of The 11th International Insurance Conference, organized by Insurance Europe and taking place on 23 May in Bucharest.

VIG, 1Q2019: Net result improved by 10.5%

In the first quarter of 2019, Vienna Insurance Group (VIG) saw an increase of 2.9% in GWP, compared to the first quarter of 2018. Profit before taxes also increased by 8.7%, while the net result increased by 10.5%.

HALKBANK wants to further expand activity in Balkans

Turkey-based Halkbank announced the acquisition of Macedonian Nova Insurance, and now shows interest in investing in Moldova, too. Halkbank is already active in North Macedonia and Serbia, making Moldova the third country in the region Halkbank wants to develop.

STATISTICS: ARMENIA, 1Q2019: market growth slowed down by 30%

Total GWP of Armenian insurers in the 1st quarter amounted to AMD 16.5 billion (EUR 30.28 million), 17.4% more y-o-y in local currency (vs 47.6% a year ago according to the insurer's portfolio data), market results from ArmInfo show.

AZERBAIJAN: regulator restricts AzerSigorta's license

The Financial Market Supervisory Authority of Azerbaijan (FIMSA) has restricted the license of the only state commercial insurer AzerSigorta, the regulator announced. Azerbaijan's Bureau of Compulsory Insurance (ISB) also restricted the insurer's access to its information system.

FIAR 2019: Motor Insurance Conference - Part II. Main statements

During the second part of the Motor Insurance Conference from FIAR 2019 - the International Insurance and Reinsurance Forum, specialists debated, among other topics, the trends in damage management, the impact of technologies or "the right of use".

FIAR 2019: Motor Insurance Conference - Part I. Main statements

The evolution of motor claims and damages, changes and benefits brought by the Motor Insurance Directive, complaints management and beyond were among the topics debated at FIAR 2019 - Motor Insurance Conference. Here are some of the main conclusions.