Insurance in the DIGITAL World: get ready for the future!

Smart phones have changed our use of time, money and leisure. Meanwhile, the IoT technologies have gone way beyond the "intelligent, connected fridge" that they were initially announcing. Connectivity has changed relationships globally, changing the way we work and potentially leading to a completely change in paradigm, both in the business and personal worlds.

What is the already visible influence of the rapid digitalization in insurance and, more important, where is the technology driven wave leading the industry? Are insurers able to keep up with disrupting trend brought by the technological "storm"? How will the average client's portrait look in a couple of years? Is the regulatory environment flexible enough to adapt and timely meet the technological challenge?

Assessing the future trend seems these days a more complex task than ever, as digital technologies seem to know no limit in their development and their social and cultural impact is sometimes at least hard to imagine. Yet, courageous attempts are not lacking and many relevant insurers are already taken significant steps in preparing themselves for the future.

With a close look at the latest trends in the industry, IIF2017: Insurance in the DIGITAL World Conference will touch the following topics:

- Digitalization and its impact on sales, underwriting, and claims management

- IoT - Internet of Things

- UBI - Usage-Based Insurance

- Is BigData a potential risk or an opportunity for consumers and undertakings?

- Telematics - the way forward for motor insurance?

- How much threat truly lies in the cyber world?

The event will take place on 14 November 2017, at the Bristol Hotel, Vienna (AU).

Registration is FREE OF CHARGE for participants from the following categories, subject to availability: regulators, professional associations of insurance undertakings and distributors, consumer associations and consumer representatives, mass-media representatives. Free of charge attendance will be accepted on a "first come, first served" basis.

For all other categories of participants an EARLY BIRD ATTENDANCE FEE is available until August 30.

Click here to see who are the confirmed speakers and more details about the event's agenda.

Click here to register online.

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