Partner and Executive, Head of Insurance Sector Italy
Internet of Things Insurance Leader Europe
IMB Italy

Young customers, the GenX and Millennials generations are feeling pretty comfortable with insurers using the data from IoT devices and also agree to a large extent that if their insurer would use such data, most probably their loyalty to their insurance provider would improve. In fact, it is for these generations that insurers need to adapt their systems and become able to interact on all channels with their current and potential customers. Price alone will no longer be the main feature considered when choosing an insurance product and provider.

First Deputy Chairman of the Management Board

In reinsurance, the problem will be the decreasing of the investors' interest for this segment due to high competition and the reduction of margins in this business, or due to the changes of stock value of insurers that also lead to an outflow of capital from the insurance segment. But, as I see this will not be associated with any natural disaster, instead will be a stock factor, or a decrease of investor interest for this segment.

Andrey T. UNTON
General Director
BELARUS Re (Republican Unitary Enterprise "Belarusian National Reinsurance Organization")

BELARUS Re cooperates with companies in South-Eastern Asia, participating in a number of property facultative reinsurance programs. In addition, facultative business from such countries as UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Azerbaijan and Turkey is recently started to increase. Next year, as in previous ones, BELARUS Re will focus on the international market. Further we plan to expand geographically in order to find new promising projects.

WIENER Osiguarnje VIG

The changes to the European insurance supervisory system referred to as Solvency II present great challenges for the whole insurance industry in Croatia, especially the risk assessment and future treatment of local Government Bonds denominated in foreign currencies.

Winner - VIG

Winner is a company that grew, developed and was built under conditions of crisis. Our success is not an accident, it was planned and carried out. From that aspect, we have learned to develop our expectations around the readiness of our team to respond to any circumstances and adjust to any changes, and alleviate unexpected external conditions. Naturally, we are closely monitoring all developments on the market, but also in economic trends in general, and our consistent growth is the indicator of our competence to anticipate the conditions and adjust accordingly.

Crisis realities impact Engineering insurance in Russia

Describing the general situation in the Russian construction industry, it is also important to notice absence of any new system players - companies with or without international capital, which appears anyway a very obvious and expected outcome.

Corporate Business Officer

While Turkey's per capita income is above the world average, per capita insurance spending is merely a quarter of the world average and one-tenth of the European average. Insurance has yet to reach the desired level in Turkey. This is a developing sector. Low insurance levels and high insurable potential continues to draw the attention of international investors to the Turkish insurance market. While only 15 firms operating in Turkey out of a total of 58 had international capital in 2001, the number of firms with international capital has increased significantly since 2008, reaching 44 at the end 2014.


What do London, Paris, and New York have in common? Increasingly, the answer is Turkey. As reinsurance hubs around the world face soft market conditions brought on by abundant capital and quiet catastrophe years, underwriters are hungry for opportunities to drive profitable growth. And while a wide range of mature market strategies may offer incremental returns, they can't provide the near-term gains that the market craves. The real solution is to bring more "original risk" to market — new risks transferred into the global insurance and reinsurance community. And that's where Turkey serves as a model for the future of the market.

All-Russian Insurance Association (ARIA)
President, Russian Association of Motor Insurers (RAMI)

Introduction of the unique methodology for calculating damage has contributed to reducing the number of litigations settled in a court between insurers and the MTPL clients. At the same time, the number of litigations settled in a court has fallen twice: the insured does not want to be judged or to pay court fees, therefore most of the litigations are settled out of court. Briefly, the parties have learnt to come to a mutual agreement. The only problem area which remains are the complaints regarding the method of calculation for "bonus-malus" (not everything depends on the insurers, car owners sometimes make mistakes in providing data).


The Government program for the implementation of an agricultural insurance institution in the country is still under development stage, and Armenian insurance companies are involved in this process but it is early to talk about any product. In order to involve insurance companies in agro-insurance there is a need to create a certain infrastructure and to appoint a regulator like the Motor Insurers' Bureau.

Johannes Martin HARTMANN
Chairman of the Board

For VIG clients we are "per definition" their preferred reinsurer, but we apply the same underwriting standards for Group and Non Group business and for both segments we have to compete with other reinsurers to win their business.
What are the main challenges for a CEE reinsurer, what are the main challenges and opportunities for a specialist reinsurer and how can a company can become a significant player in just 7 years? We invite you to find out the answers in the following interview.

Group Manager

Given the fact that MILLI Re has been able to penetrate into most of the target territories over the 9 year period, the main aim for the medium term is to achieve further diversity in business written from these markets by adding accounts which would be selected on the basis of their potential profitability and related exposure and further reduce the retro element in this book in order to avoid clash of exposures. MENA region continues to be of vital importance to MILLI Re, followed by Asia. We also see a strong potential to grow further with the CIS and CEE countries as well as the African and Latin American regions.