Jean-Pierre CLAMADIEU reappointed AXA's director for a four-year term

25 April 2019 — Daniela GHETU
Jean-Pierre CLAMADIEU WAS re-appointment as director for a four-year term, at the AXA's Shareholders' Meeting of yesterday. The Board of Directors confirmed his appointment as Chairman of the Compensation & Governance Committee and Senior Independent Director.

On the same occasion it was ratified the cooptation of Elaine SARSYNSKI as director, for the remainder of his predecessor's term of office, i.e. until the close of the Shareholders' Meeting called in 2021 to approve the financial statements of the preceding fiscal year.

AXA has also announced the release of an Integrated Report, providing an enhanced understanding of how the Group creates value today and in the long term, not only for its shareholders but for all its stakeholders.

2018 has been a pivotal year for the Group, with a strong acceleration in its transformation. Among the major steps taken by AXA last year in building its future, the report mentions:

  • Acquisition of Maestro Health, a U.S. based company offering a digital platform for health benefits management
  • the acquisition of XL Group, making AXA the #1 global commercial lines property & casualty insurance platform
  • Transformation of AXA's Swiss group life insurance to focus on death and disability coverage in a semi-autonomous model
  • Reinforcement of AXA's partnership with Uber to enhance its insurance offering for drivers and delivery workers across Europe
  • Digital partnership with ING to build a global insurance platform for property & casualty, health and protection
  • Start of exclusive discussions for the potential sale of AXA Life Europe, the Group's European variable annuities carrier
  • Acquisition of the remaining 50% stake in AXA Tianping in China, where AXA is the leading foreign property and casualty insurer
  • Creation of AXA Next, an entity dedicated to innovation, and AXA REV, the group's department of data and technology
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