KAZAKHSTAN: S&P improved rating of EURASIA

Credit rating service of the international rating agency S&P Global Ratings on July 11 improved the issuer rating under the national scale rating of the insurance company EURASIA from kzAA- to kzAA+.

On May 31, S&P also confirmed the credit rating of the company at the level of «BB+». Forecast is positive for both rating actions, as informed the portal allinsurance.kz.

After the mentioned rating actions, EURASIA became the only private financial organization in the country with the highest ratings, at that the insurer outranked such financial institutes as the Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan and VTB Bank. Insurer's ratings mean a high level of solvency, capitalization, risk diversification and improvement of investment portfolio.

EURASIA keeps dominating in the inward reinsurance market thanks to availability of the biggest reinsurance capacity in the domestic market. As of July 1, 2018 EURASIA's share in the total volume of inward reinsurance from abroad amounted to 98.31%. The insurer has clients from more than 150 countries, wrote the portal.
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