KAZAKHSTAN: during five months paid claims in property insurance went up by 156% compared to the same period last year

According to the data of the National Bank of Kazakhstan paid claims in property insurance keep growing. For January-May they amounted to KZT 7 billion (vs KZT 2.7 billion a year ago) which means growth rate at 156% during a year.

At that the share in paid claims of TOP-3 biggest insurers is 96.7%. The leader is still EURASIA (KZT 6.1 billion or 86.4% for the considered period). Others are KOMMESK-OMIR (KZT 491 million or 6.9%) and LONDON-ALMATY (KZT 238 million or 3.4%).

Among corporate insurance types the most popular are business interruption insurance and fire insurance. The executive director of EURASIA Shakir IMINOV explained that "now those insurance types are very popular in Kazakhstan due to the growth of natural disasters, but, unfortunately, the figures are much less than in other developed countries". However, despite the rapid increase of paid claims, the segrnent is developing very slowly, wrote the portal allinsurance.kz.

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