KAZAKHSTAN: in 2018 motor insurance generated over 30% of non-life premiums

Based on 2018 result, motor insurance (MTPL and MoD) generated over 30% of non-life GWP. At that, according to the statistics of the National Bank, MTPL segment last year saw a significant concentration growth - TOP-5 generated 66.5% of GWP vs 47.6% in 2017 (total growth of MTPL amounted to 23% y-o-y).

TOP-5 of MTPL had some changes in 2018 - Sentras and NSK left the ranking, while Kommesk and KHALYK entered. TOP-5 recorded good growth rates, the most impressive ones were demonstrated by KHALYK (150%), Kommesk (137%) and EURASIA (117%). However, according to the market experts, TOP-5 insurers exercise a higher level of personal risks due to the bigger share of MTPL in their portfolios (for example, MTPL in ASKO's portfolio amounts to 87.9% and for Kommesk it reaches 58.9%), which makes them highly dependent on profitability of the class.

MTPL paid claims ratio in 2018 dropped from 47.5% to 36.3%, as well as the total number of settled insurance events - by 12.8%, and the average indemnity amount increased only by 5.8%, which, as the experts believe, means optimization of paid claims by the insurers.

From January 1, 2019 online insurance became effective in MTPL. According to Oleg KHANIN, the chairman of the board of Kommesk, this is the largest technological change in the market in recent years. He noted that, for the first year the share of online sales could not be expected over 3-5%, but in future MTPL sales will gradually move to online.

In part of the voluntary motor insurance, growth of GWP in 2018 (18%) was mainly based on a significant increase of the insurance cost amid a decrease in the number of insurance objects. According to the data of the National Bank, the number of agreements with individuals last year went up by 3.5%, while the number of agreements with legal entities, to the contrary, dropped by 12.4%. The MoD insurance cost increase for legal entities amounted to 29.3%, and for individuals - only 6.1%.

At that MoD market concentration is a bit higher than that of MTPL. TOP-3 insurers of MoD generate 63.5% of GWP, and two companies of the TOP-3 in 2018 contributed 53.7% of MoD GWP. It's worth noting that all three leaders of the class are owned by the largest domestic banks. Paid claims ratio of the TOP-3 lies within 17% to 27%. The share of the other 5 companies in MoD GWP is between 8% to 4%, and their paid claims ratio lies within 37% to 58% (except for NOMAD), as Allinsurance.kz wrote.

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