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author: OCHA/ ReliefWeb

- Central Asia.
- Neighbours: Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, China.

- dry continental to polar in high Tien Shan Mountains;
- subtropical in southwest (Fergana Valley);
- temperate in northern foothill zone.

Macro indicators (* 2018 estimates)
GDP*:6.96EUR billion

Currency: Som
Code: KGS
Since: 1993

Exchange rates at December 31st:

1 EUR = 82.5936 KGS (2017)
1 EUR = 72.8439 KGS (2016)
1 EUR = 83.0073 KGS (2015)
1 EUR = 71.6943 KGS (2014)
1 EUR = 67.7048 KGS (2013)
1 EUR = 62.6573 KGS (2012)
1 EUR = 60.0652 KGS (2011)
1 EUR = 61.7949 KGS (2010)




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KYRGYZSTAN, January-April 2012: Market recovery

According to the Kyrgyz Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) data, in January-April 2012 total premium written by the local insurance companies amounted to KGS 106.8 million (EUR 1.54 million) which is 13.5% more, in local currency, than in the corresponding period of the previous year. Claims paid reached KGS 11.3 million (EUR 0.16 million), which in local currency means an y-o-y increase of 7.6%.

Kyrgyzstan: Establishment of the first reinsurance company

Kyrgyzstan's Government initiated a draft law, proposed for public debate, regarding the set-up of a reinsurance company, "KYRGYZ-English Reinsurance Company", noted a newsletter published by the Government, according to website

KYRGYZSTAN: Licensing of insurance activities in the Kyrgyz Republic

In this article we will consider the licensing of insurance activities in the Kyrgyz Republic under the current legislation. The Civil Code of the Kyrgyz Republic, Licensing Law, Law on Insurance Procedure in Kyrgyzstan, and the Regulation on licensing of certain activities are the main statutory and legal acts regulating both the insurance activities and licensing of insurance activities.

KYRGYZSTAN: More than 40% increase in 3Q 2011

According to Financial Supervisory Commission, on the 30th September, insurance premium revenues were about KGS 632 million (EUR 10.4 million), or 44% (in European currency) more than the same period in 2010.