LATVIA: BTA to insure the Freedom Monument in Riga for 10th year

13 November 2013 —
Ahead of Latvian Independence Day festivities next week, joint-stock insurance company BTA Insurance Company (BTA) has decided to renew its insurance policy on the Freedom Monument in Riga, informs LETA.

As the insurance company informed the business information portal, this is the tenth year in a row that the company has insured the Freedom Monument.
The Freedom Monument has been insured for LVL 1 million, which is BTA's gift to the city and the country.

Just as previously, the risks covered by the insurance include fire- and water-caused damage, explosion, lightning strike, damage caused by strong winds, vandals, damage caused by hail, flood, landslides, intentional damage, and others. The monument has also been insured against another risk - defilement.

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