LATVIA: Car crashes with no OCTA insurance are most often caused by drivers in Latgale

12 August 2014 —
For the fourth consecutive year, Latgale remains the region where car crashes involving vehicles that do not have OCTA insurance are more common than in any other region of Latvia. Rezekne, Kraslava and Jekabpils make up the TOP 3 places where such accidents occur most often.

Although the number of uninsured car owners in Latvia is less than 2% in Latvia, the same situation is repeated over and over again every year. There are regions in Latvia where owners of uninsured vehicles cause road traffic accidents two or three times more often than in other places in Latvia, as reported by LTAB.

As a comparison, in 2011, accidents without OCTA insurance were more often caused in Aluksne, Jekabpils and Ludza. In 2012, on the other hand, the leading cities included Rezekne, Daugavpils and Ludza. Last year's statistics show the TOP 3 cities with the most accidents were Rezekne, Jekabpils and Kraslava.

'An analysis of the data for the past couple of years demonstrates that there have been no significant improvements in Latgale. Some areas have varying spikes in the number of such accidents. However, some areas remain very dangerous to this day. This is partially related to traffic intensity. However, another important factor to consider is that the dominance of specific locations in terms of frequency of accidents demonstrates a trend and increased risk in certain places. This means institutions should address this in order to reduce risks of such accidents,' - says LTAB Chairman Juris Stengrevics.

Compared to last year, it seems that accidents that involve vehicles owned by people who do not use insurance are less frequent in cities than they are in regions.

According to statistical data provided by LTAB, there were a total of 353 accidents involving vehicles without OCTA in 2013. Read the full story
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