LATVIA: One-third of all property insurance claims are paid for flood damage

9 October 2013 —
One of the most often types of household accidents in Latvia is liquid or vapour leaks (30% of all insurance claims for private property), according to BALTA insurance company (RSA group).

Thefts are also a factor to consider - 16% of all household insurance claims. The largest average insurance claim amount a re typically paid for the damage caused by fires - LVL 10,982 on average.

In total, 30% of all insurance claims are paid for leaks, 16% - thefts and 10% for fires. 34% of insurance claims cover unusual situations: snow damaged the ventilation system, malfunctions of other household appliances, electric supply failure due to lightning strikes.

In the last six years, storms that had damaged someone's property had been the reason for paying insurance claims to 7% of all applications. The average paid amount was LVL 818. Floods were mentioned in 2% of all insurance claims as the cause of damage. Average insurance remuneration - LVL 1,993. The second largest insurance claim amount after that of fire damage (LVL 10,982) was paid for damage caused by snow (LVL 2,128).

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