LATVIA, PZU: 57% do not feel safe about their health

13 August 2013 —
Health is the main cause of insecurity among Latvian residents, as opposed to life, finances and property, according to a survey carried out for the insurance company PZU, reported LETA. 57 percent of Latvian residents point out that they do not feel safe about their health, the highest figure in the Baltic States.

Concerns about health increase along with respondents' age. Only three out of ten respondents aged 18 to 25 say that they are not sure about their health, compared to nearly two-thirds of respondents aged 61.

"It certainly makes sense that concerns about health increase as people grow older. However, it should be taken into account that Latvia has a large proportion of seniors - nearly one-fifth of the population is aged above 65, and most of them are living in constant insecurity. In addition, it is expected that this age group will only increase," explains PZU Lietuva CEO Marius Jundulas.

Only one-half of seniors in neighbor countries are not confident about their health - 51 percent of Estonians aged above 60 and as many Lithuanians above the age of 55. Although the proportion is relatively smaller, the Baltic States are united by the fact that health is the main cause of insecurity among seniors, as opposed to life, finances or property.

A similar trend can be seen regarding life safety. Around 49 percent of Latvian residents do not feel safe about it, and the proportion increases to 60 percent after the age of 65. In regard to finances and property, seniors feel equally safe as respondents in other age groups.

The survey was conducted by the research company Spinter tyrimai from November 17 to December 20, 2012. 1,000 residents aged 15 to 75 were interviewed in each country.

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