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- Eastern Europe.
- Neighbours: Romania, Ukraine.

- moderate winters, warm summers.

Natural hazards:
- landslides.

Macro indicators
* 2018 estimates
Pop. density*:104.6people/km2
GDP*:9.8EUR billion

Currency: Leu
Code: MDL
Since: 1993

Insurance market portfolio
* 2018 estimates
Overall Property*:8%
Overall Motor*:67%




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Moldova 3Q2019 Market Portfolio

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STATISTICS: MOLDAVIAN insurers reported a business volume of EUR 59 million at the end of 2015

At the end of December 2015, the Moldavian insurance market totaled MDL 1.2 billion (about EUR 58.8 million), up by 2.1% y-o-y, according to the preliminary statistics recently published by the market's supervisory authority. Claims paid by the 15 insurers that have reported operations totaled MDL 386.6 million (or EUR 18.5 million) - equivalent to 31% of the total GWP.

MOLDOVA: Green Paper system is available for yet three months

Council of Bureaux (CoB), the European institution based in Brussels, manager of the international insurance system "Green Card", has decided to postpone the decision suspending the National Bureau of Motor Insurers of Moldova (NBMI) of the "Green Card" until the General meeting of its members, scheduled to take place in early June, reads a press release issued by the NBMI.

MOLDOVA 3Q2015: Stagnation in GWP, decreasing claims expenses

The GWP, in the first nine months, by the 15 Moldavian insurance companies active on the local market, totaled MDL 909.25 million (EUR 44.16 million), up by 1% y-o-y, according to the official data published by the National Commission of Financial Market of Moldova.

Moldova avoids suspension from Green Card system. The CoB General Assembly decided to postpone the deadline until April 1st, 2016

2014 and the first half of the current year were one of the most difficult periods for the domestic insurance market due to the internal disputes in the National Bureau of Motor Insurers in Moldova between the members with rights to issue Green Card policies, namely, regarding the principle of internal organization and the lack of access by the local management to the funds of the bureau.

In the first six months of this year, the insurance companies of Republic of Moldova reported a total GWP volume of about MDL 573.17 million, down by half percent compared with the 1H2014 figures. About 93.72% of aggregated GWP volume was generated by the non-life classes, the remaining 6.28% being accounted by life policies.

MOLDOVA: In the first half of 2015, the volume of premiums of the "Green card" insurance has decreased by 6.4%

According to preliminary data of the National Commission for financial market, in January-June 2015 the largest volume of premiums accounted for the company Moldasig - 26,04 million lei, Donaris Grup - 24,62 million lei, Asito - 17,85 million lei, Klassika Asigurari - 17,64 million lei, Victoria Asigurari - 15,52 million lei. The share of these companies accounted for over 80% of the collected premiums on the "Green card" insurance.

STATISTICS: Slight decrease in Q1 GWP volume for MOLDAVIAN insurers

In the first three months of this year, the 15 active Moldavian insurers reported a total GWP volume of about MDL 253.66 million (EUR 12.48 million), down by a half a percentage point as compared with the 1Q2014 figures. About 92% of aggregated GWP voume was generated by the non-life classes, the remaining 8% being accounted by life policies. The value of paid claims by insurers decreased by 31.4% y-o-y to MDL 79.36 million (EUR 3.90 million).

STATISTICS: MOLDAVIAN market down by 10% in 2014 due the currency depreciation

Last year the Moldavian insurance market totaled MDL 1.2 billion or 0.4% more y-o-y, according to the official statistics published by the National Commission of Financial Market - NCFM. Denominated in euro, due to the depreciation of the national currency, the local insurance market was down by 9.9% to EUR 64.6 million. The value of claims paid by insurers was up by 6.6% y-o-y to EUR 27.6 million, of which motor insurance classes (hull, MTPL and Green Card, summed) accounted for more than 58% (or EUR 16 million) while financial loss policies represented 30% (or EUR 8.2 million).

Vehicles registered in MOLDOVA to be insured while entering Transnistria

Moldovan drivers will be required to buy insurance for their cars at the entrance to Transnistria. Each day, some 2,000 cars cross the security zone, separatist authorities will increase the number of inspectors. Thus, Tiraspol is trying to accumulate money in the budget of the region, to overcome the financial crisis. Chisinau say that it is a unilateral measure that will hinder dialogue between the two sides, TV "Moldova 1" reported.

MOLDOVA: The market capitalization exceeded half billion MDL at the end of 2014

In December 2014, two Moldavian insurers increased their capital by more than 100%, according to a press release published by the National Commission of Financial Market (NCFM). The two capital increases led the total market capitalization from over a half million MDL at the end of 2014 to MDL 505.5 million (about EUR 26.6 million).

The MOLDAVIAN insurance brokerage market up 5% y-o-y in 3Q2014

At the end of September, the Moldavian insurance brokerage market totaled MDL 240 million (EUR 13 million), up 5% y-o-y, according to the financial data published by the National Commision of Financial Market. At the same time, the share of brokers in total insurance market increased from 26.3% (in 3Q2013) to 26.7% (in September 2014).

VIG intends bringing to MOLDOVA EU standards

The international Austrian company Vienna Insurance Group (VIG), which in early 2014 has purchased 94% of shares in the Donaris Group insurance company, intends to bring to Moldova the European standards in the sphere of insurance.