Insurance Newsletter, No. 303, March 24, 2016

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FRISS at IIF 2016: For every 1.000 insured persons, 3 commit fraud; working together insurers may be more effective in combating fraud
by Daniela GHETU, 2016-03-24
"The insurance industry should become more streetwise in its approach towards insurance fraud. Fraudsters are getting smarter and more organized in their attempts to evade the insurer's radar. Currently for every 1.000 insured persons, 3 commit fraud," says a recent article published by FRISS. Successful experience in fraud detection will make the subject touched by Dr. Thomas BRINKMANN Country Manager Greece & Cyprus, FRISS | fraud, risk & compliance, Netherlands at IIF 2016 - "Motor Insurance - the road towards profitability" (April 17-19, Istanbul).

STATISTICS: SLOVENIA, FY 2015: The market gets back on a positive trend in GWP terms
by Vlad BOLDIJAR, 2016-03-24
According to data published by the Slovenian Insurance Association, the local market ended 2015 with GWP of EUR 1.9 billion, 1.95% higher y-o-y. Life insurance saw a higher than average growth rate, of 5.7%, thus increasing its share in the market portfolio by 1pp, to 28.65%.

STATISTICS: POLAND, FY 2015: The MTPL insurance line challenges insurers' profitability
by Daniela GHETU, 2016-03-24
Total value of GWP by the Polish insurers in 2015 amounted to PLN 54.8 billion (EUR 12.86 billion), a volume fairly equal as compared with 2014 (decrease y-o-y by 0.23%), while the total value of claims paid went down by 2%, to PLN 34.8 billion. Insurers' net profit amounted to PLN 5.7 billion and was 14.3% lower than in 2014.

GENERALI, FY 2015: Best profitability in the last years and operating performance exceeded the pre-financial crisis levels
by Daniela GHETU, 2016-03-18
Despite the challenging macroeconomic environment and low interest rates, the GENERALI Group ended 2015 with the best result in the last 8 years in terms of profitability, while operating performance exceeded the pre-financial crisis levels.

GROUPAMA reported a 43% increase in full-year net profit
by Vlad BOLDIJAR, 2016-03-18
The French insurer GROUPAMA reported a strong increase (of 43%) in its 2015 net profit, to EUR 368 million (EUR 257 million in 2014), a stable non-life combined ratio of 99.2% and a significant growth in economic operating income to EUR 163 million, "despite two significant adverse factors: the low-interest rate environment and changes in legislative environment for motor third-party liability in Turkey", the insurer said in a press release published on its website.

VERISK Insurance Solutions Expands 360Value Property Prefill to Help Streamline Residential Replacement Cost Estimation
by Daniela GHETU, 2016-03-23
VERISK Insurance Solutions, a leading source of information about property/casualty insurance risk, announced on March 21st that it has added property-specific data from current claims and underwriting estimates to the 360Value® residential property prefill database. With the additional data sources, insurers can prefill as many as 67 residential building characteristic fields in 360Value.

Best performances in the Romanian insurance market awarded today by XPRIMM
by Daniela GHETU, 2016-03-24
This evening the best performances in the Romanian insurance market will be awarded by XPRIMM at the 16th edition of the Insurance Market's Awards Gala. This year the event will also celebrate the Romanian folk traditions, a rich display of Romanian traditional costumes and crafts, celebrating creativity and performance.

PZU ready to spend EUR 1.2 - 1.4 billion for its further expansion
by Daniela GHETU, 2016-03-24
Poland's top insurer PZU expansion strategy is backed up by an up to PLN 5-6 billion (EUR 1.2 - 1.4 billion) budget. The CEE market leaders represent the group's main M&A target, but the Group is also interested by the Western companies operating in market niches.

Credit Europe Asigurari
Registration is now officially open for the Motor Insurance Conference in Budapest
by Daniela GHETU, 2016-03-24
The registration is now officially open for the Motor Insurance Conference which will take place in Budapest, on April 28 -29. The Conference will focus on the influence of technology on motor insurance and will gather main players in motor insurance in Central and South Eastern Europe.

TALANX 2015 operating profit rises and will pay higher dividend
by Vlad BOLDIJAR, 2016-03-24
German insurer TALANX closed the financial year 2015 with an operating profit of EUR 2.2 billion, or 15.3% more y-o-y, while the net income was down by 4.6% to EUR 734 million. Despite a lower value "Group net income reached the second-highest value in the company's history", the insurer noted in a statement.

FITCH Ratings: Rapid Growth in Cyber Insurance Would Be Credit-Negative
by Daniela GHETU, 2016-03-23
Cyber risk insurance is the fastest growing segment in property/casualty insurance with an estimated USD3 billion in premiums in 2015 and anticipated to triple in four years. Approximately 50 insurance carriers now offer some form of standalone cyber insurance coverage.

AUSTRIA, 2015: 1.55% increase in insurance premiums; 4.7% decrease in the result from ordinary activities
by Daniela GHETU, 2016-03-24
Insurance premiums written by the Austrian insurers amounted to EUR 17.34 billion, marking an increase of 1.55% on 2014, shows a recent report of the Financial Market Authority (FMA). Premium volumes increased in the individual insurance sectors in 2015: non-life/accident was up by 1.8% to EUR 8.69 billion, life by 0.48% to 6.7 billion and health by 4.20 % to EUR 1.96 billion.


After leading AXA for 17 years, Henri de CASTRIES retires; Thomas BUBERL takes over as CEO and Denis DUVERNE to be appointed Chairman of the Board

After 27 years in the Group, and close to 17 years as CEO, Henri de CASTRIES, Chairman and CEO of AXA, has announced his decision to retire and to step down from the Board of Directors on September 1st, 2016. Thomas BUBERL to be appointed Chief Executive Officer. Denis DUVERNE to be appointed Chairman of the Board.

Philippe DONNET replaces Mario GRECO as CEO of the GENERALI Group

Philippe DONNET (55), previously GENERALI Italia Country Manager, was appointed by GENERALI's Board of Directors as Group CEO, conferring on him all related executive powers. DONNET will replace Mario GRECO, after his leave for heading ZURICH Insurance. The Board of Directors also appointed Alberto MINALI (50) as General Manager of the Company.

Enkeleda SHEHI
Executive General Director
Albanian FSA

The Albanian FSA in cooperation with the World Bank has been working on the draft bill on catastrophe insurance. The purpose of this bill is to regulate the compulsory catastrophe insurance. Compulsory catastrophe insurance will cover the damage, caused by either earthquakes or floods and it will not extend to all types of buildings.

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Slovenia FY2015
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Russian Reinsurance Conference
XX Edition
April 6-7, 2016
President Hotel, Moscow
Organizers: All-Russia Insurance Association & DELOVOY Format Group
Media coverage: XPRIMM Publications
For details: ins-df.com
3rd International Conference "Agricultural Insurance, Reinsurance & Brokerage in CIS, Europe & Asia"
April 11-13, 2016
Marriott Courtyard Hotel, Tbilisi, Georgia
Organizer: AgroInsurance International LLC.
Official Publication: XPRIMM Publications
For details: www.agroinsconf.com


X International Conference "Insurance in Central Asia"
April 12-13, 2016
Almaty, Kazakhstan
Organizer: InterConsult Info with the support of the Kazakhstan Association of Insurers
Official Publication: XPRIMM Publications
For details: www.allinsurance.kz


The 12th International Risk Management Conference
April 14-15, 2016
Almaty, Kazakhstan
Organizer: Eurasia Insurance Company JSC
Official Publication: XPRIMM Publications
For details: www.IRMC.kz
IIF 2016 - Motor Insurance - The Road towards profitability
April 17-19, 2016
Istanbul, Turkey
Organizers: Media XPRIMM and IUC
Media coverage: XPRIMM Publications
For details: www.internationalinsuranceforum.com
Motor Insurance Conference
April 28-29, 2016
Budapest, Sofitel Budapest Chain Bridge Hotel
Organizers: Croatian Institute for Insurance & XPRIMM
Media coverage: XPRIMM Publications, Svijet Osiguranja
For details: www.xprimm.com
2nd Annual Global Insurance Distribution & Bancassurance Conference
May 12-13, 2016
Munich, Germany
Organizer: C-parity
Media Partner: XPRIMM Publications
For details: www.c-parity.com

FIAR 2016 - The International Insurance - Reinsurance Forum
May 15-19, 2016
Brasov, Romania
Organizer: Media XPRIMM
Media coverage: XPRIMM Publications
For details: www.fiar.ro
2nd Annual Credit Risk Management Forum
May 19-20, 2016
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Organizer: GLC Europe
Media Partner: XPRIMM Publications
For details: www.glceurope.com
TARSIM International Agricultural Insurance Symposium
June 2-3, 2016
Istanbul, Turkey
Organizer: TARSIM - Agricultural Insurance Pool of Turkey
For details: iais.tarsim.gov.tr
9th Tashkent International Insurance and Reinsurance Forum
June 1-4, 2016
Intercontinental Tashkent Hotel
Tashkent, Republic of Uzbekistan
Organizer: SAIPRO Information Rating Agency in cooperation with General Arab Insurance Federation
Media Partner: XPRIMM Publications
For details: forum.saipro.uz

ARMENIAN regulator sets system of differentiated obligatory insurance payments

CROATIA: Allianz Zagreb gross profit rises to 125.6 mln kuna in 2015

MACEDONIA's Euroins Osiguruvanje premium income up 6.9% y/y in Jan-Feb

RUSSIA: Chubb leads hull and liability insurance coverage in deadly Flydubai crash

UKRAINIAN drivers have become much less to insure their cars