POLAND: platform for identifying insurance fraud launched by the Insurance Guarantee Fund

Aiming to help all market participants in revealing and preventing insurance fraud, the Polish Insurance Guarantee Fund (UFG) has launched a dedicated platform using advanced technologies.

According to Insurance Europe's estimations, approx. 10% of the claims for compensation in Europe may be subject to irregularities, both detected and undetected.

The UFG members, i.e. all insurers selling motor insurance in Poland, will be able to use the platform free of charge. The fund, using advanced analytical techniques (including prediction models and data mining tools), will select suspicious claims and payments as well as criminal networks that simultaneously attack several insurance companies.

Malgorzata SLEPOWRONSKA, UFG board member, said: "The combination of technology and data of the entire market should lead to effective limitation of the insurance fraud's scale in Poland, to the benefit of both honest vehicle owners and insurance companies."

The Insurance Guarantee Fund satisfies claims from motor third party liability insurance and farmers' liability in case the perpetrator is unknown or did not have mandatory MTPL insurance.

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