PZU awarded "Innovation of the year in insurance" by EFMA-Accenture for its revolutionary way of servicing deaf and hearing-impaired clients

PZU received on 12 June the EFMA-Accenture "Innovation in Insurance" Award in the category "Customer Experience & Engagement", the international jury in Paris appreciating the innovative way of servicing deaf and hearing-impaired clients implemented by the Polish market leader.

PZU is the first financial institution in Europe, that launched, in 2017, three-way video calls over the Internet with a sign language consultant.

About 50,000 people who speak Polish Sign Language live in Poland. In the interests of their comfort, PZU introduced customer service in Polish Sign Language as early as November 2015. Initially, it was available only in selected branches of the company. In December 2017, the largest Polish insurer in cooperation with the Polish startup Migam, introduced a service enabling deaf and hearing-impaired customers to simultaneously connect video via the Internet with a sign language interpreter and a PZU specialist. Thanks to an online connection, the client can settle his case or get the necessary help and information without even leaving home.

One can connect with a consultant at https://www.pzu.pl/obsluga-i-pomoc/kontakt, needing only a computer or a mobile device with a webcam and Internet access. By using the services of sign language interpreters, PZU provides professional quality of translation and reduces the risk of misunderstandings. The service also limits the high costs associated with bringing translators to PZU branches. Customers can do almost any business and get information in a discreet way, without leaving home and engaging other people.

The EFMA-Accenture Innovation in Insurance Awards are recognizing the most innovative projects in the insurance sector that use new technologies and are the answer to the biggest challenges of the digital age. This year over 320 innovations from 237 financial institutions from 45 countries were submitted for the competition.

The European Financial Management Association (EFMA) is an organization that brings together 3300 banks and insurers from over 130 countries, offering them access to the most innovative solutions in the financial industry.

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