Poland: ALLIANZ was the best rated insurer by customers in 1H2018

Allianz was the most recommended life and property insurance brand in Poland in the first half of 2018, a research carried out by GfK showed. The company achieved the highest Net Promoter Score (NPS) values both in life and non-life insurance.

According to the survey, allianz scored 17.3% for non-life and 13% for life insurance operations, both results placing the company on top of the hierarchy in the Polish market. The study realized by GfK at the German company's request has synthesized the views of 1,400 respondents for each of the two business segments.

To measure its customers satisfaction, the insurer has also launched the "5 star rating", which allows customers to rate their level of satisfaction on a 5-point scale. In the first stage, ALLIANZ gave its clients the opportunity to assess the process of motor damage settlement. In the next stages they will be able to assess the quality of service in other areas. The average Allianz rating is 4.27.

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