Poland: Full online access to the Insurance Guarantee Fund communication database

The full history of MTPL and Motor Hull insurance is now available online for every vehicle owner in Poland. In addition, all drivers - even if they are not the owners of the vehicle - can check their accidents history.

The Insurance Guarantee Fund (UFG) has just launched new functionalities for sharing data from the its nationwide communication policy base. The collected certificates, including accidents history, are also available in English and German and can be presented to insurers abroad, a press statement released by PIU - the national association of the Polish insurers explained.

Elzbieta Wanat-Polec, President of UFG, says: "We have expanded the range of data available for online download by vehicle owners from the UFG base, meeting their needs. Previously, they could only check the history of their MTPL insurance for the last five years. Now they can do it for a full insurance period, i.e. even for the last dozen or so years, as well as check this history for Motor Hull policies. "

Iwona Wozniak-Sadek, director of the UFG Customer Service Office, explains that all insurers normally check the insurance history of a given vehicle holder in the UFG database, so it is worth checking in advance whether the data in the UFG database is consistent with the actual state and whether they are complete.

The Insurance Guarantee Fund satisfies claims from motor third party liability insurance and farmers' liability in the case when the perpetrator is unknown or did not have mandatory MTPL policy.

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