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31 October 2013 —
One year ago, the ACEA statistics regarding the passenger cars sales in the EU showed the worst month of September since ACEA recorded new registrations in the EU27 in 2003. One month ago, the association reported a 5.4% y-o-y growth in sales for the same category of vehicles. Should motor insurers see this news as a good sign for the future of their business? Considering that the nine months sales figures still show a negative trend ... maybe it is too early for optimisms. What are than the rebound chances for the MOD insurance line, especially in the emerging markets where this market segment is closely linked with the car sales dynamic?

For the time being, the 1H2013 CEE results show once again a descending trend for the Motor Hull business, both in terms of GWP and financial profitability. Yet, not all the countries in the region experienced the same evolution and all of them recorded the same bad profitability.

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