RNRC targets a RUB 5 billion international reinsurance portfolio until 2021

The Russian National Reinsurance Company (RNRC) ended 1H2017 with reinsurance premiums of RUB 3 billion, over 6 thousand concluded contracts and assets of RUB 25 billion, Nikolay GALUSHIN, President of company stated today.

Speaking at the Russian Insurance Summit 2017, in Saint-Petersburg, GALUSHIN has presented the main coordinates of the RNRC's activity:
  • RNRC's investment portfolio consists in proportion of 99% in state bonds;
  • The company has been assigned a rating from national rating agency - ACRA and also international rating from FITCH;
  • Up to the present moment 110 claims were reported to RNRC;
  • Aiming to be a professional and innovative reinsurer, RNRC responds in 24 hours to any business inquiry;
  • The company has launched a website in 3 languages, and is also preparing statistical reports on the Russian reinsurance market.
As for the future, according to Nikolay GALUSHIN, RNRC's international portfolio is set to reach up to RUB 5 billion until 2021.

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