RUSSIA: accident rate in summer period increases by one third

According to SBERBANK Life Insurance in summer period accident rate increases by one third if compared to spring and autumn, informed the insurer's press service.

Totally, from the beginning of June until mid-August this year SBERBANK Life Insurance received more than 3.3 thousand of claims related to various injuries due to accidents, which is 30% more than the insurer recorded in spring time. Average monthly number of claims that the company usually receives in summer is over 1000 (about 25-30% more than in autumn or spring).

As the director for insurance of the company, Natalia BELOVA, pointed out, the main reasons of such a high accident rate in summer are more active life style of the insured in the countryside and summer sport activities, since risk insurance products of SBERBANK Life Insurance have no standard exclusions of risk sports when not practicing in a professional manner.

However, based on the insurer's statistics despite the season about 50% of accidents happen as well in household use, and they lead to various injuries and even sometimes to death of an insured. Besides, another 20% are street accidents and 20% more - vehicle related cases, and 5-10% of accidents result in sport and industrial traumas.

In summer this year because of traumas the company paid, for example, RUB 200 thousand* to a client due to a fracture, RUB 185 thousand to another client due to a trauma in the countryside, and RUB 171 thousand to a client due to an explosion of the festive fireworks, etc.

SBERBANK Life Insurance is the leader of the Russian life insurance and is the second biggest company of the general insurance rating of Russia. The insurer's rating under RAEX ("Expert RA") is ruAAA.

*EUR 1 = RUB 76.2325 (15.08.2018 by the Central Bank for approximate calculation)

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