RUSSIA: from January to September GWP of RNRC went up by 68% y-o-y

GWP of RNRC (Russian National Reinsurance Company) amounted to RUB 8.8 billion (+68% y-o-y) from January to September this year, as reported by the Financial director of the company, Olga KRYMOVA.

According to KRYMOVA, total number of offers during the period under consideration increased by 15%, and 60% of them were accepted. Net profit of the company amounted to RUB 1.1 billion. Combined ratio for the first 9 months of the year amounted to 109% (for the full last year this ratio amounted to 152%). Loss ratio reached 95% (vs 132% for the full 2017). Paid claims for 9 months amounted to RUB 2.7 billion, wrote ASN portal.

*EUR 1= RUB 76.2294 (30.09.2018)

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