RUSSIA: largest life insurance agency, RGS Life, has changed its name to KAPITAL Life Insurance

On September 3 this year, RGS Life changed its name to KAPITAL Life Insurance. This change will not have any consequences for clients. KAPITAL Life Insurance exercises its rights and retains its obligations under previously concluded contracts in full without restrictions, wrote ASN portal.

The General Director of KAPITAL Life Insurance, Evgeny GUREVICH, pointed out that, "14 years have passed since the foundation of our company. Those years were years of ambitious fighting marked by enormous efforts to become the first and the best... Today we enter a new development stage. This requires new approaches, new positioning, and new products for our clients, a new brand name, which will fully reflect our mission and the values of our team, our targets, and intentions. We are the unconditional leader in agent sales and development of innovational products in the life market. And we'll keep actively increasing and improving our agent network with priority on innovations both in standard life insurance and in related areas. By means of online sales, telemedicine, mobile applications, and client online accounts we'll continue technological transformation in order to meet the most advanced international standards of quality in insurance and health services".

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