- Southeastern Europe, bordering the Black Sea;
- Neighbours: Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Ukraine, Moldova.

- temperate climate;
- cold, cloudy winters with frequent snow and fog;
- sunny summers with frequent showers and thunderstorms.

Natural hazards: - earthquakes, most severe in south and southwest regions;
- geologic structure and climate promote landslides.

European Union:
EU member, since 2007

Currency: Leu
Code: RON
Since: 2005

Currency conversions were calculated for an average exchange rate of:

1 EUR = 4.6639 RON (2018)
1 EUR = 4.5681 RON (2017)
1 EUR = 4.4908 RON (2016)
1 EUR = 4.4450 RON (2015)
1 EUR = 4.4446 RON (2014)
1 EUR = 4.4190 RON (2013)
1 EUR = 4.4560 RON (2012)
1 EUR = 4.2379 RON (2011)
1 EUR = 4.2099 RON (2010)



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Latest news

ROMANIA: Euroins buys Starcom bonds worth 700,000 euro

Bulgaria's Starcom Holding said on Thursday its subsidiary Euroins Romania has acquired a total of 1,423 Starcom bonds at a price of 1,000 levs (511,300 euro) each. Euroins Romania acquired three Starcom bonds on June 22 and a further 1,420 on June 27, Starcom Holding said in a bourse filing.

Cornel COCA-CONSTANTINESCU: The Romanian insurance market is reaching its maturity point

"After a trial period, the Romanian insurance market is reaching its maturity, in my opinion. I believe in this market. As proof of my belief, I took on my shoulders to lead the insurance-reinsurance sector in ASF - The Financial Supervisory Authority during the most difficult moment in the insurance market's history in the past years", Cornel COCA-CONSTANTINESCU, First Vice President, ASF - The Financial Supervisory Authority, during the Brokers' Conference at FIAR 2017.

Cees WERFF, CCN: The auto transformation will profoundly impact insurance as well

"We see a lot of technology developments coming up: robots, AI, telematics - all are coming into our [insurance] market as well. We see more and more often a customer centric approach, the customer is placed in the front of this process", Cees WERFF, President, Claims Corporation Network, pointed out during the Motor Insurance Conference at FIAR 2017.

The impact of telematics on the motor insurance industry

"There is a wide variety of pricing parameters used on the motor insurance market today - in many cases it is doubtful if their validity is statistically proven. For fleets, there is a 'disconnection' between needed and available information", Michael THEILMEIER, Senior Vicepresident, GEN Re, explained during the Motor Insurance Conference at FIAR 2017.

Digital claims self-assessment solutions bring benefits to all players

In the context of digitalization and its role in improving the claims assessments processes, Richard NATHSCHLAEGER, Region Manager Austria & Italy, Vice Chairman CEE Advisory Board, AUDATEX, presented, during the Motor Insurance Conference at FIAR 2017, a solution for digital claims self-assessment launched by Audatex.

Evgeny POTOKOV, SCOR: The biggest P&C line of business [in Romania] cannot be unprofitable

"I think that stability is essential for insurance and reinsurance companies alike and, in order to be active in the market, we need a transparent and stable legislative framework, otherwise the rules are not clear and it is hard to plan business activities in the market with too many uncertainties", Evgeny POTOKOV, Senior Underwriter SEE, SCOR, explained during the Motor Insurance Conference taking place at FIAR 2017, presenting the company's perspective, as reinsurer, on the MTPL market in Romania.

EC projection for 2060: Pillar I pension will decrease in all EU countries, except for Luxembourg and Denmark

The most recent report published by the European Commission, "The ageing of the EU - implications for pensions", has a bleak conclusion: Europe's population is ageing and, as far as pension costs are concerned, their share in GDP will reach 11.2% in 2060, compared with 11.3% in 2013, Falco VALKENBURG, Chairperson Pensions Committee, Actuarial Association of Europe, OPSG Member EIOPA, declared during the Private Pensions Workshop at FIAR 2017.

Adrian MARIN, UNSAR President: I hope that the reference tariffs for MTPL will not lead to a new form of capping

"2016 was a difficult year for the Romanian insurance market. It was an year marked by the implementation of Solvency II - that brought strict demands regarding the solvability capital, regulation and quality; an year marked by the ASTRA and CARPATICA bankruptcies, two companies with more than 50% of the MTPL market and over 15% market share; an year with transporters' protests that put pressure on the MTPL pricings - resulting in the capping of the MTPL prices and, since May 2017, a new law which includes reference tariffs for MTPL policies, that, I hope, will not lead to a new form of capping", stated Adrian MARIN, UNSAR President, at FIAR 2017.

Eugene GURENKO: "International experience suggests that tariff capping brings opposite results to the objectives sought"

"Although the first quantitative impacts of the rate caps introduced last year will be only known later with the release of claims statistics for the current year, based on international experience one can expect an adverse impact of this legislative measure on the technical results for the MTPL line of business as a class, reduced overall profitability of the sector and the erosion of companies' capital base", Eugene GURENKO, Lead Insurance Specialist, World Bank explained during the "Insurance Market Trends" conference at FIAR 2017.