STATISTICS: BOSNIA, 1H2016: Motor lines generate about 80% of the non-life insurer's expenses for claims

The aggregate GWP value generated by the Bosnian insurers was up by 7.86% y-o-y to BAM 316.90 million (EUR 162.03 million) in the first half of 2016, according to the figures provided by the two market authorities (NADOS - Insurance Supervisory Agency of FBiH and AZORS - Insurance Agency of RS). About 71% of total GWP were made by the 12 insurance companies which are registered in the FBiH (or EUR 115 million) the remaining 29% (EUR 47 million) being reported by the 13 RS insurers.

The GWP portfolio consisted of 19.71% - life insurance - the equivalent of EUR 32 million, the remaining 80.29% corresponding to the other 18 non-life insurance sub-classes: 49% - Motor TPL policies (EUR 79 million), 9.44% - motor hull (EUR 15.30 million) or 9.88% to property insurance - the equivalent of EUR 16 million.

The total value of paid claims was down by almost 12% y-o-y to EUR 61.66 million, of which EUR 12 million - life indemnities. On the non-life side, the two motor insurance classes accounted together for almost 77% (EUR 38.2 million) of the non-life insurer's expenses for claims.

As GWP volume, for the whole country, for both business segments, the largest three insurers were FBiH-based companies.

Thus the life segment was lead by UNIQA (25.38% share), followed by MERKUR (21.54%) and the FBiH based subsidiary of GRAWE (18.48%).

On the non-life side, SARAJEVO leads the market ranking, with a 10.82% market share, followed by EUROHERC (10.62%) and BOSNA-SUNCE (10.3%).

The largest RS-based insurers were, in case of life segment - GRAWE Banja Luka (ranked 4th, 11.31% share), while the largest non-life insurer was WIENER VIG - ranked 6th on the whole country non-life ranking (5.56% market share).

Access and download the 1H2016 Bosnian insurance market statistics (in EUR and BAM).

BiH insurance market indicators (FBiH and RS insurance markets, summed):
  • Market portfolio - GWP/Claims/Growth rates
  • Rankings - life/non-life (GWP/Claims/Market shares/Growth rates)
FBiH insurance market indicators:
  • Market portfolio (GWP/Claims/Growth rates)
  • Rankings - life/non-life (GWP/Claims/Market shares/Growth rates)
RS insurance market indicators:
  • Market portfolio - GWP/Claims/Growth rates
  • Rankings - life/non-life (GWP/Claims/Market shares/Growth rates)

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