STATISTICS: KOSOVO insurers have sold 100,000 more policies y-o-y during January-September 2017

The insurance market of Kosovo increased by 2.5% y-o-y during the first nine months of the year to EUR 64.5 million, as the Central Bank - CBK market figures showed.

MTPL premiums accounted for 65% of total GWP, of which a share of 55% - third party liability policies, while the share of Border policies was close to 10%. Other types of voluntary segments accounted for ~35% of total market.

The aggregate value of paid claims by insurers was up by 15.3% y-o-y to EUR 30.5 million, of which EUR 18.8 million related to Domestic MTPL policies.

In the analyzed period, the total number of policies sold by insurance companies increased by almost 100 thousand to 830.8 thousand compared to 731.8 thousand policies during January-September 2016. Of total, 30644 thousand were Domestic Motor Third Party Liability policies (3.8% more), 355 thousand - Border policies (up by 24%) and 169.4 thousand other types of voluntary policies (about 19 thousand more policies).

Note: The figures presented by CBK include only the insurers' activity on non-life segment

Access and download the 3Q2017 Kosovo insurance market statistics.

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