STATISTICS: Macedonia, 3Q2017: The share of motor classes increased to 54% of total market

Macedonian insurers reported 3Q2017 aggregate GWP of MKD 6.8 billion (EUR 110.6 million), 2.7% more y-o-y, according to the market figures provided by the Insurance Supervision Agency of Macedonia.

As in previous reporting periods, non-life insurance premiums dominated the market portfolio accounting for about 86% of the total GWP (MKD 5.8 billion, or EUR 95.2 million), the remaining share of 14% being represented by the life insurance segment: GWP of MKD 948 million (EUR 15.4 million).

Other sub-classes with a dominant share were MTPL (45.6% of total), property (16.8%), MoD (8.5%), accidents (7.7%) and GTPL (2.4%), the remaining 5.1% being accounted by other non-life segments.

TRIGLAV (17.5% market share), MAKEDONIJA (12%) and EUROLINK (11.6%) were the top 3 non-life insurers in the country, while CROATIA (42.7%) and GRAWE (35.7%) were the largest life insurers.

Access and download the 3Q2017 Macedonian insurance market statistics.

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