Southeastern Europe, between Macedonia and Hungary

In the north, continental climate (cold winters and hot, humid summers with well distributed rainfall); in other parts, continental and Mediterranean climate (relatively cold winters with heavy snowfall and hot, dry summers and autumns)

Natural hazards:
destructive earthquakes

Currency: Dinars (RSD)

1 EUR = 123.4723 Dinars - RSD (December 31st, 2016)
1 EUR = 121.6261 Dinars - RSD (December 31st, 2015)
1 EUR = 120.9583 Dinars - RSD (December 31st, 2014)
1 EUR = 114.6421 Dinars - RSD (December 31st, 2013)
1 EUR = 113.7183 Dinars - RSD (December 31st, 2012)
1 EUR = 104.6409 Dinars - RSD (December 31st, 2011)
1 EUR = 105.4982 Dinars - RSD (December 31st, 2010)


National Bank of Serbia
Association of Serbian Insurers

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Serbia 3Q2018 Market Portfolio

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SERBIA seeks expressions of interest for TAKOVO Osiguranje portfolio

Serbia's Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA) invited on Thursday expressions of interest from insurance companies for taking over the insurance portfolio of local insurer Takovo Osiguranje which is undergoing liquidation proceedings. In late July, the National Bank of Serbia (NBS) delicensed Takovo Osiguranje and petitioned a local court to initiate liquidation proceedings.

SERBIA: NBS revokes the license of TAKOVO Osiguranje

The Executive Board of National Bank of Serbia (NBS) has taken the decision to revoke the TAKOVO insurance company's license and prohibit the disposal of its assets until the opening of liquidation proceedings. At the same time, NBS filed a proposal for a bankruptcy proceeding to the Commercial Court of Kragujevac (where TAKOVO Osiguranje is headquartered) concerning institution of liquidation proceedings and informed the Deposit Insurance Agency for the purpose of appointing the liquidation receiver.

Serbia: 45% increase of the MTPL price starting July 1st

The price of MTPL insurance in Serbia will rise by 45% as of July 1st. By approving this measure, the National bank of Serbia has accepted a long lasting requirement of insurers that have been asking for the price to increase because the tariff was not high enough to cover all the liabilities arising from claims and other expenses that insurance companies had to pay in accordance with the law.

SERBIA: Waiting for the new Insurance Law

Until the end of summer Serbia could get a new Insurance Law. The National Bank of Serbia created a new Draft law to undergo a public debate by the end of June, which is also the deadline for insurance companies to provide their suggestions and comments.

SERBIA 1Q2014: Life insurance kept the market on the positive trend

After ending 2013 on a positive trend, with a 4.2% growth rate of the GWP, the Serbian insurance market's evolution slowed down in 1Q2014 - 0.11% y-o-y (calculated in European currency) against a 3.2% growth in GWP for the calculations made in local currency, the 3% y-o-y devaluation of the Serbian Dinar paying its part in the apparently stagnating status of the market.

SERBIA: One million dinars for the vulnerable citizens in flooded areas

The Board of Directors of the Association of Serbian Insurers has decided to grant financial aid in the amount of RSD 1,000,000.00 to the vulnerable citizens in flooded areas in the territory of the Republic of Serbia. These funds will be directed to the dedicated budget account of the Republic of Serbia, and the entire stated amount will be provided from the budget reserves of the Association of Serbian Insurers.

SERBIA: NBS draws up the Draft Law on Insurance

Within an all-encompassing and thorough reform of our economic and legal framework, pursuant to its mandate, the National Bank of Serbia has drawn up the Draft Law on Insurance, Draft Law on Payment Services, Draft Law Amending and Supplementing the Law on Foreign Exchange Operations and Draft Law Amending and Supplementing the Law on the Protection of Financial Services Consumers.