Central Europe, south of Poland

temperate; cool summers; cold, cloudy, humid winters

Natural hazards:

Currency: EURO

Slovak Insurers Association (SLASPO)
National Bank of Slovakia

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SLOVAK charged with insurance fraud detained in Cuba

A Slovak man who was being sought by police over alleged insurance fraud has been apprehended in Cuba, the TASR newswire learned from Martin Waldl of the Police Corps Presidium's communications and crime prevention department on October 9. "Following close cooperation with the Cuban Embassy in Slovakia and the Slovak Embassy in Cuba, the first extradition of a person from Cuba to Slovakia took place today," said Waldl, as quoted by TASR.

SLOVAKIA: ORANGE offers free travel insurance with roaming

Orange Slovakia is offering travel insurence for the whole family from MetLife Amslico with its roaming packages for free. The promotion applies until 30 September for the roaming offers My Europe/My Europe+, My World/My World+ or Roaming+. The insurance coverage is up to EUR 40,000 in the EU and EUR 100,000 elsewhere. Moreover, the package My Europe, with which customers can call, send SMS and use data anywhere in the EU for domestic prices, that is, EUR 0.12, is free for two months.

SLOVAKIA sees off health insurance claim

An Austrian investor in Slovakia's health insurance market has seen the remainder of its treaty claim against the state thrown out at the jurisdictional stage.

SLOVAK insurance sector stays the course

THE SLOVAK insurance sector saw no dramatic changes last year, while stabilisation in the eurozone was reflected in developments in Slovakia, too, which mirrored those in other countries in the region. Expectations with respect to positive developments in macro-economic indicators are optimistic. In addition, the insurance sector is preparing for Solvency II and the payment of the first pensions from the so-called second, private, old-age insurance pillar.

SLOVAKIA: More people buying insurance online

NEW technologies are impacting the insurance industry and several companies in Slovakia now sell insurance policies via the internet or mobiles - along with reporting an increased interest from clients in these channels.

SLOVAKIA: Car insurance scam revealed

THE NATIONAL criminal agency has uncovered a group of seven people who filed fraudulent claims worth EUR 775,000 with an insurance company over fictitious car accidents.

Dutch firm Achmea loses arbitration against SLOVAK state

THE ARBITRATION proceedings initiated by Dutch company Achmea, the owner of the health insurer Union, against the Slovak government, which plans to merge the three existing health insurers and introduce a unitary state system of health insurance, ended with a victory for Slovakia.

SLOVAKIA FY2013: Moderate growth in GWP, with no significant changes

2013 was year stability for the Slovak insurance market, with no major changes. The market continued to increase its business volume at a slow pace, recording a 2.7% growth in GWP, to EUR 2.17 billion. However, looking at its two main segments, it is obvious that life insurance performed better, ending the year with a 5.9% growth in premiums, while on the non-life sector almost all the main business lines recorded a slightly negative trend.

VIG expands market leadership in SLOVAKIA

The excellent development of Vienna Insurance Group in Slovakia continues. The Group expanded its market share to 34.5 per cent, sharply increasing its edge over competitors, according to Vienna Insurance Group.