Central Europe, eastern Alps bordering the Adriatic Sea, between Austria and Croatia

Mediterranean climate on the coast, continental climate with mild to hot summers and cold winters in the plateaus and valleys to the east

Natural hazards:
flooding; earthquakes

Currency: EURO

Insurance Supervision Agency (ISA)
Slovenian Insurance Association
National Bank of Slovenia

Insurance statistics

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Slovenia 10Y 2018 Timeline

Slovenia 3Q2018 Market Portfolio

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"Solvency II Lessons Learned" - discussed in September, in Ljubljana

The introduction of Solvency II, starting January 2016, represents the biggest shift in the insurance regulation in several decades. the challenges arising from this shift ranging from financial, organisational, legal, operational, to systemic risks. The "Solvency II Lessons Learned" conference, organized by the Slovenian Insurance Supervision Agency, aims to exchange views on the first lessons learned in this respect.

SLOVENIA: All insurers solvent under new EU rules

All Slovenian insurers are solvent according to the rules of the EU directive Solvency II that became effective in Slovenia in January, the Insurance Supervision Agency said on Monday.

SLOVENIA: Pension insurer's profit down

Modra zavarovalnica, Slovenia's largest provider of supplementary pension insurance, posted a net profit of EUR 4.7m for 2015, down from EUR 17.4m in the year before. Assets under management rose to EUR 1.3bn from EUR 1.2bn, the company said on Friday.

SLOVENIAN insurers could see lower capital ratios under Solvency II

Capital ratios for Slovenian insurance companies could be lower under Solvency II than they were under the Solvency I regime, according to Fitch Ratings. The ratings agency said the sector reported strong aggregated coverage under the old regime, at 273% at the end of 2014, but a high proportion of non-investment grade and unrated instruments would lead to lower capital ratios under Solvency II.

SLOVENIAN insurer Triglav completes sale of Avrigo unit to Adventura Prevozi

Slovenian insurer Zavarovalnica Triglav said on Friday it has completed the sale of its 97.31% stake in bus transport unit Avrigo to Adventura Prevozi.  Following the fulfilment of regulative and other conditions arising from the agreement on the sale of a 97.31% stake in Avrigo to Adventure Prevozi, Zavarovalnica Triglav has completed the transaction, the insurer said in a filling with the Ljubljana bourse.

SLOVENIA's NKBM sells 45% stake in pension co to Sava Re

Slovenian reinsurer Sava Re said on Thursday it has acquired from lender Nova Kreditna Banka Maribor (NKBM) a 45% stake in pension company Moja Nalozba Pokojninska Druzba. The deal is conditional on getting relevant approvals from the Insurance Supervision Agency and the Competition Protection Agency, Sava Re said in a filing to the Ljubljana bourse.

STATISTICS: SLOVENIA, 3Q: 1.2% aggregate growth-rate due to the 5% expansion of the life segment

Insurance premiums in Slovenia totaled EUR 1.51 billion in 3Q2015, 1.21% more compared with the January-September 2014 period, according to the figures published on SIA's (Slovenian Insurance Association) website. On the claims side, the aggregate value increased by 2.63% to EUR 986.36 million, of which EUR 295.86 million were life indemnities and EUR 690.51 million - paid claims related to non-life sub-classes.

SLOVENIA's KD Group 9-mo net profit plummets

Slovenian financial services provider KD Group said on Wednesday its net profit dropped to 231,000 euro in the first nine months of 2015 from 7.8 million euro a year earlier.