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Special Edition FIAR 2011, May 25, 2011
FIAR 2011
FIAR 2011 - MAY 25  
Starting 2011, the PRIMM Publications hold the presidency of PIA (Presse Internationale des Assurance)
by daniela.ghetu@mxp.ro
In addition to numerous conferences dedicated to the operators from the insurance, reinsurance and private pension markets, the 14th edition of the International Insurance-Reinsurance Forum, FIAR 2011, hosted the General Assembly of PIA - Presse Internationale des Assurances, the international association of insurance journalists.
100% Romanian event offered by ASTRA Asigurari
by oana.radu@mxp.ro
For the seventh year in a row, ASTRA Asigurari, Official Partner of FIAR - the International Insurance-Reinsurance Forum and also the most important company with Romanian capital on the national insurance market, offered the Romanian Evening, a special event meant to bring the Romanian traditions closer to the international business environment.
BCR Asigurari de Viata: A successful bancassurance service must be apparently simple, but sophisticatedly built
by daniela.ghetu@mxp.ro
"For our company, the bancassurance channel has been a driver for success, the development of which has taken into account the results of some in-depth surveys on the changes that have occurred in the last years in the customers' behavior and needs, so that the developed products meet real needs", stated Florina VIZINTEANU, President of the Directorate, BCR Asigurari de Viata - VIG.
AEGON Life: Success in bancassurance is a matter of commitment and involvement of both partners
by daniela.ghetu@mxp.ro
"Bancassurance is a sophisticated and demanding model that requires high standards of professionalism and uses the most important qualities of the banking partner and the insurer", stated Silvia SIRB, CEO, AEGON Asigurari de Viata. "The bank's commitment to the success of the partnership, at all levels, but above all at top management level, is essential for the success in bancassurance", she emphasized.
The winning formula means selecting the optimum bancassurance model and shifting from pure distribution to underwriting
by andreea.ionete@mxp.ro
The current concerns in bancassurance relate to adjusting to the increasing number of regulatory changes and the responding to the changes in risk appetite and capital requirements, stated Romeo JANTEA, Managing Partner, INSURANCE Training & Consulting. The optimum bancassurance model must also be selected in order to enable the shift from pure distribution to underwriting and find an appropriate answer to the insurance demand of bank customers.
MEDNET: A quarter of the Romanians want to buy life insurance in the near future
by vlad.boldijar@mxp.ro
According to the most recent MEDNET survey conducted in partnership with Media XPRIMM and called "Life insurance facing the economic crisis", 24.8% of the Bucharest inhabitants and 25.4% of the population living in the rest of the country plan to buy life insurance in the future.
In 2010, in the capital city, 26.3% of the persons who said they would buy life insurance plan to do this within the next six months, while 65.7% plan to buy life insurance in more than one year. Also, the inhabitants of Bucharest are ready to pay around RON 943/year for such a product.
Electronic systems for the insurance industry, analyzed at FIAR 2011
by vlad.boldijar@mxp.ro
"We are talking about a market that experiences an involution and where the level of premiums is worrying for some companies, a concern mitigated by reserves and margins. The claims rate increase adds to it. We have three systems on the market that help us avoid human error and control claims", stated Ionel DIMA, Vice-President of AVUS Group, at the opening of the MOTOR INSURANCE DAY conference - FIAR 2011.
Media XPRIMM Survey: Electronic systems for vehicle repairs estimates in Romania
by vlad.boldijar@mxp.ro
According to a survey conducted for the very first time by Media XPRIMM with regard to electronic systems for vehicle repair estimates in Romania, presented at FIAR 2011, insurance companies often made the decision about implementing the IT systems at local level.
It is worth noting that electronic systems came on the Romanian insurance market in 2005, when the AUDATEX and ALLIANZ-TIRIAC partnership was established.
NCFM: Information technology reduces human error and enhances transparency
by vlad.boldijar@mxp.ro
Speaking about IT solutions, Mrs. Aurica DOINA, Vice President of CNPF, stated at the MOTOR INSURANCE DAY - FIAR 2011 that "these solutions could avoid most human errors in assessing claims files and help streamline the activity".
ANSDAR: A law that allows owners to refuse the repair is being elaborated
by vlad.boldijar@mxp.ro
"A law that allows owners of repaired vehicles to refuse the respective repairs in case they are not satisfied is now being prepared. ANSDAR established an arbitrage and mediation chamber and we are already prepared to settle such potential cases", stated Maria BOGHIAN, President of ANSDAR, at FIAR 2011.

The National Association of Insurance and Reinsurance Companies from Romania
The National Union of Insurance Brokerage and Consultancy Societies from Romania

The League of Insurance Organizations of Ukraine

Chartered Financial Analyst Romania

Association for Promoting Insurance

CNPF - The National Commission for Financial Markets, Republic of Moldova





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