The Motor Insurance Conference, in FIAR 2019's Wednesday program

The third day of conferences from FIAR 2019 brings in the Motor Insurance Conference.

Standardization vs personalization in motor insurance, especially in the current, ever-changing context and increasingly marked by digitization, but also the best digital solutions for claims management and consumer satisfaction are just some of the topics debated during the conference.

Some of the speakers:

  • Madalin ROSU, President BAAR
  • Hayk ZAYIMTSYAN, Risk & Monitoring Manager, Council of Bureaux
  • Mariusz WICHTOWSKI, General Manager, Polish MIB
  • Alejandro Izuzquiza Ibanez de ALDECOA, Operations Director, Consorcio de Compensacion de Seguros, Spain
  • Michael THEILMEIER, Re/Insurance Expert
The event is supported by BROADSPIRE, EUROTAX and ASISOFT and it takes place with the support of RECREX.

Throughout Wednesday, coffee breaks are provided by DRIVE2U.

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