The right lessons in conduct

24 April 2014 —
Under the pressure of the ever closer enforcement of the new European insurance directives in prevention, discussions about transparency, fair sales practices, solvency, customer's protection, risk control etc. were repeated to the point of becoming trivial in recent years.

Nevertheless, we are still far from a general understanding of how all these concepts translate into concrete actions and measures to be taken within the companies' activity, what are the costs of doing so and how may these cost be optimized or at least kept under control.

Dealing with a huge wave of regulatory changes, insurers had and will still have to mobilize substantial human and financial resources in the future in order to meet the requirements while continuing to find solutions to adapt to the highly competitive environment.

Where is the point where compliance efforts meets business efficiency? How can good practices, although costly in many respects, improve profitability and business' sustainability? The answers are known in some cases and still to be found in many others. This is why the main focus of the 2014 edition of FIAR - The International Insurance - Reinsurance Forum is... "market conduct" in all the term's implications, starting from the basic rules of fair sales conduct to the latest data management solutions providing the means for improving efficiency and reduce costs, ensuring compliance with all of the legislation insurers have to adhere to or simply help to better understand the market trends and clients' needs.

Thus, FIAR 2014 will bring a large variety of "market conduct" related topics, brought under debate in 6 workshops focusing on risk management, reinsurance, NatCat risks, cyber risks, agricultural insurance and bancassurance: trends, solutions, debates. In addition, the 5 traditional conferences of FIAR will analize the market conduct's issues related to the private pensions, insurance intermediation, life insurance and motor insurance sectors, as well as reflected by the insurance markets' evolution at international level.

See you in Brasov!

Daniela GHETU

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