UKRAINE: GWP of TAS from January to October went up by 38.5% y-o-y

TAS insurance group reported for the first 10 months of this year GWP worth UAH 1.14 billion (+ 38.5% y-o-y) and paid claims of UAH 436.83 million (+49.8% y-o-y), Forinsurer wrote.

MTPL premiums reached UAH 393.84 million (+71.2% y-o-y). Green card premiums amounted to UAH 234.42 million (+13.4% y-o-y), in Motor Hull the company generated UAH 198.73 million (+56.3% y-o-y). Voluntary health insurance has 8.52% share in the insurer's portfolio (UAH 97.51 million), thus increased by 42% y-o-y. In property insurance TAS generated UAH 43.21 million.

For 10 months TAS group paid totally UAH 436.83 million (+49.8% y-o-y). In MTPL the insurer paid UAH 156.94 million (+56.7% y-o-y). 24.4% of total company's paid claims was made under Green card policies. The share of Motor Hull in paid claims during the period under consideration amounted to 23.31%. Paid claims in voluntary health insurance reached UAH 46.72 million and increased by 65.4% y-o-y.

According to 1H2018 market results TAS insurance group is in TOP-10 insurers and took 6th place in terms of GWP in the general market ranking of Ukraine.

*EUR 1 = 32.02 UAH (31.10.2018)

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